Monday, May 16, 2011

Gay Hammam & Sauna in Erbil

Here's the list of Gay Hammams in Erbil,
Hammam Shifa | Only for Men حمام الشفاء | فقط للرجال
Location: Erbil, Erbil Citadel, right side of Erbil Governorate Office, street beside the Citadel.
Open everyday, welcomes young and older gays, and mostly older gays are there.

Hammam Al-'Asry حمام العصري
Location: Erbil, Erbil Citadel, left side of Governorate, next to Batta street.
Open everyday,

Hammam Nergiz حمام نێرگز
Hammam Sarchinar حمام سه‌رچنار
Hammam Soran | for Men & Women Separately حمام سوران
Location of those three Hammams: Erbil, 30m. Street, Tayrawa Quarter, Just ask about any above names they will head you to there.
Open everyday, Specially Hammam Nergiz is the cleanest one in the Erbil.
If you looking for a partner, the best way firstly visit Hammam Nergiz to find him, and if you don't have any place to enjoy with him, you can visit Hammam Soran as it includes bathrooms separately for each, and nobody can see what is happening inside.

We'll provide photos of each Hammam inside and outside very soon. 


  1. Hello men
    I will be in Erbil between 10 and 12 July, I'd like to meet mature, hairy man, I would like to recommend me a sauna and a place where men often to my taste. I am a Latino man, serious, quiet, manly, I want an adventure that left me good memories there. my skype alvarezpaezluis_edu my mobile 07509331994 Recommendations of gay discos, places, cafe, where people frequenting gay

  2. Hi , i am visiting Erbil in 2 weeks time , where is the best hamman to visit?

    Joe (australia)

  3. Can you please write more about the rules in the Hammams like dos and donts ?what to do what not to do ?how you know the other person is gay too.some tips

    1. hey man .. did you try it or not ?? or did anyone give u tips ?

    2. hey man .. did you try it or not ?? or did anyone give u tips ?